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It’s dark in Steeltown, I think I might crack

The street’s too quiet, got to watch my back

These strangers attack , if  you make  a mistake

And it’s so  hard to  catch a break  

When darkness hits town,  you don’t hang around

Hear decay make its lonely sound?

It’s dark in Steeltown, I cant find The Way

Don’t even know if it’s night or day

I heard a moaning like hers, but she just wasn’t there

Can’t remember -- should I care?

My flesh is on fire, burning like leaves

and the air is too hot to breathe


It’s dark in Steeltown, I’m starting to rot

Feel like burning everything that I got

And heading to Spain,  where Caminos can heal

and the waters aren’t victims of steel

Where the dark winds can’t blow, black crap on my clothes

And a lover might await this rose

It’s dark in Steeltown, I’m broken and torn

Body’s aching and my soul is worn

It’s dark in Steeltown, but I harbour no scorn

She’s just an old friend -- the place I was born

Dark in Steeltown